Attorney Disqualification Opinion Published: Khani v. Ford Motor Company

In Other Cases of Interest on April 26, 2013 at 7:53 pm
Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited, St. Thom...

Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited, St. Thomas Assembly Plant – Cars Stored at St. Thomas Municipal Airport, 1978 (Photo credit: Elgin County Archives)

The Second District yesterday ordered published Khani v. Ford Motor Company, et al., No. B239611, __ Cal.App.4th __ (2d Dist. Apr. 25, 2013).   Plaintiff’s attorney in a lemon law case previously worked at a law firm that represented defendant, reportedly provided unspecified “input” to defendant and communicated regularly with defendant about lemon law cases.  The trial court disqualified plaintiff’s counsel.  The Court of Appeal reversed, finding that:

The evidence in this case does not establish that any information to which Shahian was exposed during his representation of Ford would be material to his representation of Khani in this case. While Ford presented evidence that Shahian represented it in California Lemon Law cases, it did not establish that any confidential information about the defense in those cases would be at issue in this case.

You can read more here.



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